How do i make public hours watched on youtube?

Increasing your watch time on YouTube is a numbers game. If you need 4, 000 hours to monetize, and your. YouTube monetization · How to double your YouTube. Achieving this goal means that you can sign up for the YouTube Partner Program and eventually monetize your content with ads.

And what creator doesn't want to make money with their videos? But you shouldn't go into the process of creating a video with the intention of making a viral video. Few creators succeed, and it's easier to be consistent on YouTube. Follow your publishing schedule so that one day you'll have enough videos to earn 4000 hours on several uploads instead of a single video. If you need 4000 hours to earn an income and your videos earn an average hour, you'll need 4000 videos in total.

If you want to control additional statistics, such as hourly views in the last 48 hours, download VidIQ. You'll get this incredible real-time statistics bar for FREE. According to YouTube, it takes 4000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers to access the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Thank you for writing such an informative post on how to get subscribers and hours of viewing on YouTube.

Another fairly useful statistic is your daily average, which can be an indicator of whether you've spent too much time watching YouTube on a daily basis. Please note that if you use youtube music or YouTube TV, these times will not be taken into account in the “Watch Time” feature. If you have it turned on and leave YouTube playing while you're not watching the videos, all of that will be included in your total viewing time. In addition to this limitation, watch times are calculated based on all other YouTube products you've used to access the video content.

If a new video is successful with initial views, interactions, and watch time, this sends a strong signal to YouTube that your video is working well. Generating 4000 hours of playback may seem like a daunting task, but it can be easily achieved if you spend time on your content and promotion strategies. But first, what does Watch Time actually mean on YouTube? And how does YouTube calculate overall watch time?.