How do i increase youtube watch hours?

Create batch content for consistent video programming, as well as YouTube series. Design recognizable images and thumbnails for your YouTube channel. Optimize video descriptions for YouTube SEO One of the best ways to increase viewing hours on YouTube is by organizing live broadcasts. According to YouTube, it takes 4000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers to access the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

Examine the 10 best videos on your topic and create an average. Next, you should try to exceed the average length. I recommend watching the 5 to 10 best videos and taking notes. Did you know that video editing experts recommend changing shots every 3 to 10 seconds? It's been proven that increasing the retention rate of a video can help you reach more people interested in your content, which can increase YouTube's watch time.

If a new video is successful with initial views, interactions, and watch time, this sends a strong signal to YouTube that your video is working well. Incorporating the four tactics above into your YouTube marketing will help you increase your watch time and, in turn, your ranking in online searches. YouTube's long keyword targeting can help attract more traffic to your videos instead of your competitors and increase watch time if you're implementing the other tips at the same time. The more people watch your videos, the more likely YouTube is to show them in its search or recommendation functions.

YouTube is analyzing those metrics, and the more viewers abandon your content, the less likely YouTube is to publish it to more people on the platform. Try this social media analysis tool and start getting more hours of viewing for your YouTube channel. Thank you for writing such an informative post on how to get subscribers and hours of viewing on YouTube. Excellent video playlists offer your viewers the opportunity to watch more videos in one viewing session, increasing your visibility and doing wonders with your viewing time.

For example, the guys at Slow Mo place cards on videos to increase YouTube watch time by promoting related videos or playlists. Reading here, I suppose you'll understand that watch time is the most important metric that measures success on YouTube. To keep people watching your YouTube video, you can add a brief preview of your main content at the beginning of the video. You can use an excellent feature, the end screen, to easily direct your viewers to your most relevant videos and thus improve YouTube's viewing time.