Does youtube watch hours reset every year?

Now you might be thinking that 12 months is a calendar year, but YouTube doesn't measure watch time by calendar years. Instead, YouTube measures the last 365 days of watch time on your channel. Simply put, 4,000 hours of viewing time are needed in the last 12 months, up until today. Keep in mind that the performance of recent climbs usually peaks in the first few days.

If you see a drop in watch time days after uploading a new video, that's completely normal. Let's consider that your YouTube channel is monetized, now what? YouTube only pays you to get viewers and you get paid when the viewers of your channel see the ads that are shown. This is where you and YouTube (Company) make money. If you're not receiving views and your channel is monetized, it has no purpose.

To stay in the YouTube partner program, you must ensure that the total number of hours of public viewing never falls below 4000 hours. Even if your channel is monetized by watching your own videos, you'll lose your partnership with YouTube in less than a few months. The basic goal is to gain an audience and make your YouTube channel a brand, in addition to showing ads and earning money in other ways. A great thumbnail communicates the value of watching your video to viewers when they browse your YouTube news channel.

Learn things that could help you get more viewers on YouTube videos, such as learning SEO on YouTube, creating a Facebook group about the niche you're interested in, and creating a Quora space, since Quora will promote your space to the right type of audience. With a normal or no playlist, there was no way of knowing if YouTube would suggest the second part as the next recommended video if someone was watching part 1. To get 100% of a person's YouTube watching time, you'd have to loop your videos for 166 days and 16 hours non-stop. I monetized my YouTube channel more than a year ago and how can you monetize it on YouTube by completing 4000 hours of viewing? YouTube is a powerful platform, you can promote your videos in many ways and, if you make a good video, YouTube will promote it across the platform and you can end up earning thousands of dollars and a single video could change your life. Getting 4000 hours of playback and 1000 new subscribers is a fairly easy job for an old, established channel.

It will be difficult and will require a lot of time and manual effort, but it's a foolproof way to reach the milestone of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing. In this case, you would need to get 78 views per video or live stream to reach 4000 hours of viewing time. Since webinars usually last between one and two hours and audience retention is high, there is an incredible increase in viewing time. You can also create an online course and host your videos on YouTube to increase watch time on your channel.

Stream live on YouTube frequently and use the Premiere feature to create a more immersive experience with your audience and increase watch time. A viewing hour of 4000 means 166 days, which means you have to turn on your computer continuously for more than 5.5 months. 

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