Does watching a youtube video twice count as two views?

YouTube views aren't unique; repeats and views are counted in the view count. You can see the number of unique viewers in your YouTube analytics dashboard. YouTube wants to ensure that video views and engagement metrics come from legitimate viewing by real people. Its algorithm counts a view when a user intentionally views a video, not those that come from bots or that play automatically on external websites.

Next, read my articles on how to get more YouTube views and free subscribers and how to make money with YouTube. But what is considered a “view on YouTube”? Better yet, how does YouTube count views? Let's take a closer look. There are more than 2 million users on YouTube who watch around 1 billion hours of video every day. While not all repeat views will count towards total views, YouTube understands that its users can watch a video and want to watch it several times or show it to people in their social circles, so multiple views can be produced from one device or account and generate new views that will be added to the total.

Therefore, watch time and session time are probably more important in optimizing your YouTube channel and brand. The algorithm “follows the audience, matching each YouTube visitor to the videos they're most likely to enjoy and maximizing their viewing time. You don't need to go into metrics, for example, if watching a YouTube video again increases watch time. If you're signed in, YouTube will easily recognize that you're watching the video, and if you watch it too many times, all views won't be taken into account. Also, you should know why watch hours decrease.

Since YouTube wants to ensure that its videos are viewed by real people and not by robots that try to bias the view count, a video viewing system has been created to separate legitimate views from the rest. A higher number of views on YouTube means that a greater number of viewers are accessing and watching your video. The views will only be recognized as coming from the same user if the video is being viewed from different devices with the same YouTube account logged in. Do you want to know if rewatching a YouTube video increases watch time? Read this post to find out more!