Do youtubers get paid if you watch their ads?

Advertisers are only charged when the viewer sees 30 seconds of the ad or sees it until it's complete, whichever is shorter. If the ad lasts thirty seconds or less, watching the full ad will make the YouTuber more money, but if the ad lasts longer than thirty seconds, you won't generate any additional income for the YouTuber after those first thirty seconds. YouTube doesn't charge advertisers for the placement of the ad, unless viewers see the entire ad or a significant amount of it. Many brands have a way of telling them where you've heard of them when you buy a product or service, and telling them that a YouTuber sent them to them is good for the YouTuber.

You get what you want from the transaction, the YouTuber gets a little more revenue, YouTube gets a little more revenue, and, presumably, the viewer finds what they wanted through your ad. In short, YouTubers don't get paid if you skip an ad, unless the ad is longer than 30 seconds long and you've watched 30 seconds or more. For these types of ads, the YouTuber earns money when the viewer sees the entire ad, at least thirty seconds after the announcement (assuming the ad is longer than thirty seconds), or interacts with the ad. There's not much you can do as a YouTuber to stop people from skipping YouTube ads, except to beg them to watch the ads, which can be annoying to your viewers.

These ads are the most common type of ad you're likely to see on YouTube and the only ones that are relevant in terms of seeing the “full” ad. Alan Spicer, a certified UK expert and certified YouTube expert, is a YouTube and social media consultant with more than 15 years of knowledge in web design, community building, content creation and YouTube channel creation. Founded approximately 17 years ago and with more than 1 billion hours of video views daily, YouTube is the perfect place to start a video channel and try to monetize it. For example, you must have at least a thousand subscribers to be part of the YouTube Partner Program, so if your YouTuber doesn't have them, they almost certainly won't earn advertising revenue from their channel.

The details of how YouTubers make money aren't always the clearest things that YouTubers themselves should understand, let alone the people who watch those videos and aren't creators. So, are YouTubers paid if they skip ads? Should you watch YouTube ads to support your favorite creators? There are a variety of YouTube statistics and reports, including traffic sources, watch time, and demographic reports. Generally speaking, YouTubers won't be paid if you skip short ads or don't see longer ads until at least 30 seconds have passed.